Dariusz Kalbarczyk

Developer Advocate

Conquer the web and mobile worlds with a single project

Friday, 12 April at 14:50

Building separate web and native mobile apps, requires a lot of effort and is very expensive. This often forces us to pick just one and as a result sacrifice overall user experience.

But you don’t need choose, you could do both with a single code sharing project. All it took, was a few sleepless nights and a few months of collaboration with the Angular team.

I hear you ask: “How?” Simple: Structure your project with the power of Angular CLI and the NativeScript Schematics. Then use Angular and NativeScript to build for web and native mobile.

Do you need to transform your existing web project to a code sharing structure? We’ve got you covered with ng add and a collection of migration schematics.

Join me to learn how the code sharing projects work, what can be shared, and how to transform existing projects. And all of that with just a couple of new CLI commands.