Tiago Reis Alves

Mobile Developer

KiwiIRC mobile app. A lov(u)e story.

Friday, 12 April at 14:25

No other technology than NativeScript would be a better fit for this use case! We gained a lot by using Vue.js and NativeScript together.

I will start by explaining how I landed my dream job just by joining the awesome NativeScript community.

Then, I will go through the process of building a mobile version of the Kiwi IRC web client. I will cover:

  • Vision for the mobile app: the state of IRC. IRC has evolved a lot and we believe it can be a secure, opensource, free alternative to current chat platforms. It just needs better clients, and this is where a mobile app becomes paramount.
  • Challenges: customization, themes, communication, etc.
  • Code sharing strategy. The UI structure is very different so that is being rebuild from scratch, but we are re-using an incredible amount of code from the web app including: communication, state management, command processing, message parsing, internationalization, etc.
  • Solving UI problems (implementing responsiveness, using functional components, themes, etc.).

By the time of the conference, the KiwiIRC mobile app will be in the stores and the all code should be open.